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seo optimization scotland uk

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seo optimization scotland uk
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means Search Engine Optimization. We remove everything superfluous, and we get the popular term – SEO optimization, which logically means “search engine optimization” (yes, twice). But what’s the difference, what and what is called, really? If there are statistics of the query SEO optimization (or even a very strange SEO optimization), then we will write about subj. So, try again.

SEO optimization: what is it?

SEO site optimization (search engine optimization) is one of the ways to promote a site, the purpose of which is to improve the site’s position in the list of search results for certain key queries. The position in the list of search results is determined by the relevance of the document (site page). That is, the more accurately (more relevant) the page of the site answers the question, the higher it is in the search results. So, to answer the request, it’s enough to create a landing page and optimize the landing page for the search query? If only it were that simple! To get started, let’s look at what relevance is.

Relevance: what is it? (definition)

Relevance – the degree to which the page of the site matches the entered search query. In fact, the relevance of the page assesses the degree of usefulness of the answer (site page) to the question (search query). The more adequate (relevant) the answer, the higher the site page will appear in the search results for the query.

SEO website optimization

The relevance of a site page is judged by many factors. Correspondence to these factors is the main task of search engine optimization. That is, SEO site optimization is the optimization of site pages in order to increase the relevance of each page to the corresponding search query.

Since the relevance of the page is calculated based on a combination of factors, it is logical to assume that the optimization of each factor will affect the relevance of the entire page. Therefore: seo site optimization is a set of measures to optimize each page element in order to increase the relevance of the entire page of the site.

It is impossible not to touch upon such a significant topic as the behavioral factors of the site. It is the behavioral factor of site ranking that determines the degree of success of integrated SEO optimization. After all, no matter how well the site is optimized, if site visitors show a bad behavioral factor, then optimizing the content will not have a significant result. For details on what behavioral factors are, what they are and what they affect, read the site’s behavioral factors article.

SEO texts, pictures, links

If you read our SEO blog, then you definitely saw the article SEO copywriting and SEO texts. In it, we examined in detail the main internal SEO factors that affect the relevance of the page. However, in addition to the internal factors (internal search engine optimization) of the page, there are also external SEO factors (external search engine optimization). External factors can significantly affect the relevance of the document, thanks to concepts such as “page weight” and “site citation”.

It is worth saying that the page weight of the site is an internal factor of search engine optimization SEO, however, in this context, it is considered as an external factor for the page, and not for the entire site. A purely external factor is the citation of the site. In external factors of search engine optimization of the site we will understand in a separate article.

Using links correctly, you can transfer part of the weight of several pages to one, thereby increasing its relevance. To do this, you need to organize a logical link structure of the pages. This will help to avoid “sticking together pages” and clearly delineate which page responds to which request. Each page of the site should be optimized for its unique request, so as not to compete with other pages for similar key requests.

SEO page optimization

Carrying out SEO optimization of the site, it is necessary to clearly present each page of the site in its place. Under what request the page will be optimized, and how it will be connected with other pages. Creating a logical link structure of a site is an essential part of SEO analysis of a site. For this reason, SEO page optimization should be carried out in strict accordance with the general logic of all site pages.

A website from the point of view of SEO is a collection of pages united by one theme. All pages of the site and the contents of these pages should be arranged in such a way that each page has an exact match to its request. SEO optimization of each page of the site, in conjunction with the rest of the pages, will give excellent results and the right SEO optimized site.