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What is SERP

What is SERP? SERP (Search Engine Rank Page) is a page for issuing search results, which is also often called “search results” or simply “results”. Despite the fact that the interface and functional elements of…
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SEO optimization or search engine optimization site

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means Search Engine Optimization. We remove everything superfluous, and we get the popular term – SEO optimization, which logically means “search engine optimization” (yes, twice). But what’s the…
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Draikon Marketing SEO News — August 2019 Everything Need to Know.

Search engine optimization is not advertising. But it still costs time and money. If you’re short on time but have the money, an SEO agency or consultant is an option. But if you’re short on…

Learning SEO is in high demand these days.

Why? Because it’s relevant for all sorts of professions, besides SEO itself. The job descriptions of writers, designers, developers, and many more professions all include SEO in 2019. It has become a universal skill. While…